seaside miSSIONARY
training center

The Seaside Missionary Training Center (SMTC) is a program of mentoring, equipping and encouraging future missionaries or future church and ministry leaders.

The process consists of three months of classroom training, in conjunction with practical Christian ministry assignments, followed by six months at a field location working with a missionary or local pastor.



Fall 2021
Odessa, Ukraine


Many of the courses are taught by pastor/teachers from the United States, some are taught by Europeans. After the classroom training, the students who complete the course successfully will be assigned a ministry location for their six month internship.

Potential Students need to:

  • Be willing to commit themselves to the SMTC ministry of International Messengers for 9 months.
  • Agree with International Messengers’ Statement of Faith and Spiritual Gifts policy.
  • Have your pastor’s and church’s blessing to come to SMTC.
  • Be willing to raise $50 a month support for the 9 months you are involved at SMTC from your church or others.
  • Complete and turn in the application form including two character references, and two reference questionnaires.
  • Complete an informal personal interview.


Goals for the program: Matthew 28:19: make disciples, teach them to obey.

  • Vehicle for transition of Europeans into full time ministry or active lay ministry (tentmaking).
  • Train future leaders for the mission field and/or the Eastern European evangelical church.
  • Help students develop evangelism/discipleship as a lifestyle.
  • Give students a biblical foundation.
  • Learn how to study and apply biblical truths.
  • Leadership development.
  • Discover, develop, and utilize spiritual gifts.



SMTC enables the local church to equip and send missionaries from their fellowship.

This is an excellent investment of mission funds and we encourage the sending church to provide up to 50% of the support needed by the missionary intern.

The amount of support raised should cover the entire training and internship period. Seaside Ministry Training is committed to keeping this experience as affordable as possible and will provide training in raising prayer and financial support.