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river of life

Humanitarian Foundation

River of Life Ministry is a loving, Christ-centered community of care homes providing needy Romanian women, children, and elderly, a haven of refuge and hope.

The American founders, leaders, organizers, and overseers of this ministry are Doug and Roberta Moore, IM staff  who have been living and serving in Romania since 1998.

The River of Life Humanitarian Foundation is a ministry located in Romania to help the most vulnerable segments of this society.

Work With

  • At-risk pregnant women and their children
  • Needy elderly
  • Abandoned children

Christian Care Home

This maternal care home began as the core of River of Life ministries. It serves as a home of love, encouragement, and guidance for needy pregnant teens and women who want to be able to keep their babies and children and not abort or abandon them, but need support to be able to do so.

Maria Elderly Care Home

“Maria” House is an assisted living elderly care home, located on River of Life property, for needy Romanian women, who are in the last months or years of their lives.


Emanuel Children’s Foster Care Home

 “Emanuel” Children’s Foster Home is for children under the protection of a court order, providing them with a safe, stable, and loving Christian home environment, located within the River of Life Ministry grounds.

Community Outreach

River of Life Ministries is involved in a variety of evangelistic community outreaches throughout the year


By sharing the Gospel with them in very real and tangible ways that may conclude in saving faith, genuine heart transformations, and changed lives for at-risk pregnant women and their children, needy elderly, and abandoned children.

Doug and Roberta Moore’s role, as founders, leaders, organizers, and overseers of the River of Life Foundation, is to communicate and maintain the original vision and overall scope of the River of Life Care Home, Elderly Home, Residential Children’s Home, and outreach ministries, as the day to day hands on leaders, overseeing the daily operating of all facets of the work, including planning and hosting short-term mission teams coming to ROL.

We work with our excellent Romanian staff team, making this vision into a reality and helping it to grow. We also communicate with our international ministry and prayer partners regularly about the ongoing work and needs of the ministry as the Lord leads and directs.

Please download our ROL Newsletters here: ROL News

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Short-Term Opportunities

Over the years, approximately 1,500 people of all ages and nationalities have volunteered their help at the River of Life Ministry Care Homes and the various ministry outreaches we are involved in. Help with construction projects and maintenance and day-to-day activities with the children, moms, and elderly living in the care homes.

We offer a unique mission experience for people of all ages and interests.

  • A great experience for families and youth groups
  • Work projects
  • Care Home ministry with moms and children
  • Evangelistic youth camps and village outreaches
  • Specialized ministry designed and geared for your team’s particular interest and abilities

We are experienced at planning, together with your team leader, effective, viable, necessary, and meaningful ways to serve at River of Life, around the particular talents, and interests of the individual team members on each unique mission team.