rol christian care home

  River of Life Christian Care Home

This maternal care home began as the core of River of Life ministries. It serves as a home of love, encouragement and guidance, for needy pregnant teens and women who want to be able to keep their babies and children and not abort or abandon them, but need support to be able to do so.

The pregnant teens and women who are admitted into the care home aren’t here just because of an unplanned pregnancy; they have absolutely no other option of a place to live or way to survive. They come from generational cycles of abuse and dysfunction; have no family support system, little or no education, job skills or social skills and they and their children are socially and medically at risk.

Romania has the highest abortion rate and child abandonment rate in all of Europe and also leads Europe in human trafficking. The types of teens, women and children we serve are the most at risk to be included in these statistics.

Some of the pregnant women grew up in orphanages, lived on the streets, or came from abusive families. These women and their children require intensive intervention to enable them to function at a level that affords them a meaningful and productive life. Of the mothers and children that come to the Care Home, 80% stay for one year or less while 5% have stayed for five years or more.

We have always felt that everyone who comes here is someone the Lord has drawn here because He is at work in their lives, and joyfully, we have seen this to be true!