It is oft times the greatest joy of my day at the home office, to receive stories from our staff abroad. My email has seen an influx lately, of the stories of God’s Faithfulness, of trials and frustrations, and of victory and joy.

Such is the case in the stories that are pouring out of Egypt; spikes in COVID-19 cases, and over-run hospitals. Yet, God still moves in the midst of this new, and unsettling era.

A few of our staff wrote in to tell of the works of this God we serve, and how He shepherds and leads, using willing hands and open hearts.

“Welcome dear IM family,

First we want to introduce ourselves to you. My name is M and and my wife M. I am from Alexandria Egypt, I have been serving with IM since 2015.

My desire and the Goal in the ministry is to reach out to young people and make them disciples of Jesus Christ, I am also worship leader. As an Egyptian team we reach out to young people through evangelistic camps and different outreaches.My wife M came to Egypt two years ago to serve among young ladies through English.

This is a great tool to build relationships and lead young ladies to deeper understanding of God’s love which sets them free from inside out.Very soon, in February, we will have a discipleship camp with around fifty young people. We need you to pray for the work of the Holy Spirit during this time.

May God protect all the campers and teachers. We also pray that COVID will not stop us from doing God’s work.God put on my heart a long time ago an impression that I would travel to one of the European countries to spread God’s Kingdom. Recently this desire has been getting stronger and God showed me that in Germany there are a lot of Arabic speaking churches and Syrian refugees.

It was my desire to reach out to Syrian people but I did not expect that it might be Syrian refugees in Germany. Please keep us in your prayers. May God give us wisdom to make decisions and take steps that are aligned with His will.We would like you to join us in a prayer for the ministry in the Middle East.God bless you.”

Our Egypt team has been busy, busy this season. With the country opening back up and allowing limited people in a space, they continue their ministries. Their outreach to the youth is particularly effective, and a great way to introduce Jesus to young Egyptians.

Their youth groups and camps open the door wide for future discipleship ministries in the community. Kept to safe numbers, and separated into groups, the youth are able to meet with their mentors and with the Lord.

Also, the Desertside Training Center is in full swing, with ZOOM classes, and special guests.

“Dear friends and prayer partners, Grace and peace to you.

I’m happy because you are a very supportive team to my ministry. This give me power and I can feel strength from the Holy Spirit.I would like to share a story with you.

It’s about a guy called D. Almost three years ago he was on the way to leave Christianity. This was published even on social media. In a miraculous way God made him be back. I met him during my ministry in his village. The Holy Spirit guided me to help him. I invited him to study the word of God together with my discipleship group.

This time in my discipleship group we study about the people of Israel when they were back from the exile from Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. I’m also still a disciple. We grow together in the word of God. God’s work among the youth in the villages grows through your prayers and support.

My younger brother is 12 years old and his name is S. He was singing in a Christian program on TV last week. I pray that he might be a singer and worship leader in the future. Please pray for him.

Please pray for us. The harvest is much.

Please pray for youth meetings. We will have small meetings this month. Please pray for IM upper Egypt team. This month we will visit a village called Kafour. We will stay for three days there to evangelize and pray. “

As the staff share with us their lives, their comments stick with me. “In upper Egypt this place very poor but very rich in spirit“, one wrote.

If you have been feeling discouraged by the world, the news, the state of emergencies, then I pray your spirits are uplifted by these testimonies, by the photos, and by the Joy that is seen to be in the midst of it all.