I am from one of the hottest areas in Southern Egypt. We call it “Upper Egypt”. My wife and I have a sweet 5-year-old daughter. We serve the poorest population of Egypt in the cities and villages of Upper Egypt along the Nile. We focus on evangelism among the youth and young families.

I was born in a very poor and small village in Upper Egypt. I gave my heart to the Lord when I was a teenager. After finishing high school I went full-time into ministry. At the same time I began studying at a theological seminary not far from Alexandria. I spent four years there and during that time I got to know my wife, a very gifted worship leader. When we married it was like an undeserved miracle for me. Shortly after our wedding we knew that God called us back to the poorest of the poor in Upper Egypt. We did the uneasy and challenging step back to the South, and I served as pastor of a small village church for about two years. At that time we had no children, although we wanted them so very much. My wife consulted several doctors, who found out that she had serious hormone problems. One specialist told her that it would be impossible for her to ever get pregnant. She refused  to believe that. Together we expressed our confidence in God the Almighty. We knew that He would help somehow in this painful situation. After one year waiting and putting our trust in the Lord, we realized that we experienced a divine miracle. She became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful girl. We gave her the name “Marvel”, a miracle of God’s beauty and grace.

Almost three years ago, in late 2017, we made a family trip from the South to Alexandria. I drove an old car with my wife and daughter on board. On the highway at high speed the car suddenly span out of control, turned over several times and caught fire. We were able to jump out of the burning vehicle miraculously. People called  an ambulance. At the hospital they found out that our daughter had a brain injury. She was in coma. After waking up it turned out that she was partially paralyzed, could not move her right hand, her right foot, and was unable to speak. The doctor told us that a complicated and risky brain surgery was the only solution. Again we were in a situation where we seriously asked the Lord to step in. Hundreds of friends around the globe joined us in prayer. God in His faithfulness reached out and touched her. Over a time span of about six months of prayer and trust Marvel completely healed. God has been good to us.

-Blog excerpt from IM Staff Yasser, working in Egypt.