Global Sending & Partnering

Grace-Motivated Missions

We are committed to making disciples of all nations through partnering with local churches to renew, train and mobilize believers in reaching the world for Christ.


We train career and short-term staff before sending them out.


We send and support staff in the work they do around the world.


We partner with both staff and local ministries, to have maximum impact in communities we reach.

What You Can Do

Click on the button to register, or go to our Short-Term page to find out more!


Spend a couple of weeks in Eastern Europe or MENA, helping with English, Youth and Sports Camps!


Train for 4 months, then launch into an 18 month internship abroad with seasoned staff.


A great way to be involved if you can’t go, is to help send. Here you can donate to long term staff and their ministries.

From Our Short-Term teams

“How was your short- term experience?”

“I have learned to trust God with all the little things and the big things. I have found Him completely trustworthy. I feel so safe with Him. I always want to do things God’s way because I know that that is where the real joy of life is.”



“I learned that God can use anyone and anything to fulfill His plans. I experienced how the Holy Spirit connects people throught him. Believers may not speak the same language, but we can still minister to each other if we’re all in tune with the Spirit.”



“Family English Camp has renewed my hope for the people in my life who have not yet put their trust in Jesus. The camp continues year after year to invest in nonbelievers and to share the Good News with love.”



“I left with a joyful feeling knowing that I was able to carry out an outreach like this and help plant the seed of salvation in the minds and hearts of so many people. As to my effectiveness, it is up to the Holy Spirit to continue the process of salvation.”



International Messengers has received nine consecutive
4-star ratings from Charity Navigator.


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