Who We Are

International Messengers is an evangelical, interdenominational missions organization comprised of an international staff team. We are committed to making disciples of all nations through partnering with local churches to renew, train and mobilize believers for active involvement in reaching the world for Christ.

Living Fearlessly in Fearful Times

altIt is hard to tune into any type of conservative media broadcasts these days without hearing about a looming financial crisis in this nation. As a mission we are being impacted by the loss of individual supporters from areas of high unemployment. This downturn has also caused churches to be uninterested or to think they’re unable to send adult short-term teams to serve our missionary staff. This may eventually impact the level of care we can offer our staff and it may even threaten our survival as a mission. How do we as followers of Jesus live in these fearful times?

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Quotes from Short-Termers

"Every time we go out on a missions trip we come back even more excited than the previous trip. Winning souls for the Lord is more and more exciting. We would love to go again soon." Mel & Jessie – Slovakia

"I have grown closer to God. I see God's hand in so many situations and in so many people's lives. I have since become more aware of His presence back home. I am also awed by His power, love, protection, and to what ends He will go to ensure not one of His children are 'lost'. Praising Him, not just thanking Him, but praising Him has now become part of my relationship with Jesus." Deb – Poland

“God taught me on this trip more how to pray and live with expectancy for what He can do. When I do this, He surprises me even more by the opportunities He gives and how He has the power to melt people’s hearts of stone. I saw Him answering my prayers in powerful ways, breaking down walls and causing closed-off students to become open. God also blessed me by teaching me more about how He can use me to disciple someone younger in the faith, and how many times He uses me to have more of an impact on others than I realize, all because of Christ’s love within me.” — Anna, Hungary

“My relationship with Christ always grows because I have to be more dependent on Him as I am out of my comfort zone. He never ceases to amaze me how each missions trip is unique and different from previous ones. And my life is always enriched with many new friendships.” — Mary, Poland

“This trip has reinforced in my heart that you can never go wrong showing someone that you care. You can never go wrong sharing a bit of Christ with someone everyday.” Todd – Romania

“The trip was pretty emotional for me because of my [late] wife’s previous involvement and I expected that. However, I never expected to see and feel the eagerness and thirst for the Bible that the people had. When some of the Nationals shared stories about my wife, I realized what an impact some of us and our effort has long term.” John – Poland